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Listing Management

Don't get scammed by telemarketers pretending to be from Google.
Let us manage your Google My Business listing for peace of mind at no charge.

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Software Development

Corsac writes custom software to improve or automate your workflow.
We even develop custom add-ins and macros for Microsoft Office 365.

Google Trusted Streetview Photographer

Trusted 360 Photography

Make your customer's first visit enjoyable by scheduling 360 photography of your business.
Corsac is a Google StreetView Trusted Photographer.

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Email Provider

Improve your credibility with an email address that looks the part.
Ask for forwarding to keep your current mailbox.

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Website Design

Expand your business reach from small community to nationwide.
Corsac Design and Development will work with you to build a functional website at a reasonable rate.

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These three packages are an illustrative tool. Services provided may not include all of these features. Prices indicated are generalized calculations based on the estimated project completion time, and our hourly rate. Prices will vary depending on client's needs. Prices do not include training, domain name purchase, or annual hosting fees.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often incorrectly marketed as being 'top of Google Search'. SEO, and by extension Corsac does not guarantee your website will be the top search result in any search engine. SEO is a collection of guidelines and methods to ensure a webpage loads properly in various testing environments. Your search rankings are indicative of the relevance and quality of your frequently updated content. Google My Business is a free service provided to business owners to allow them to control publicly available information.
Corsac does not charge business owners for assisting a business in managing their Google My Business listings.
Photos by Kevin Mueller, Goran Ivos, Mikaela Wiedenhoff, Shahadat Rahman, and others provided free with attribution from Unsplash.
'Corsac' refers to 'Corsac Design and Development' within the Province of Ontario, Canada.
Corsac Design and Development will never outsource or resell its services: Don't ask.
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